Step 1: Welcome to Dance a GoGo! Click here to reference our training process!
Step 2: Understand the examination process. Here is the example info & schedule.
Step 3: Submit an application. Click here for our online application.
Step 4: Submit an application fee to finalize your application process.

                       * The special rates only apply to instructors who are currently on the GroupX schedule of the following facilities: Crunch, Equinox, Spectrum, and Gold’s Gym.

DaGG Certification Review & Exam Day

DaGG Training Workshop & Master Class Registrations

Step 5: Suggested training prior to exam. Click here for the information.

Step 6: Read our payment terms below.

[ Terms & Conditions ]

1. Upon your payment to our current trainings, the fee is not refundable.

2. And the paid amount is only transferrable one time only to the immediate next following training date w/ a $39 re-registration fee, if you will need to re-schedule it to the next immediate training date for any reasons.

3. We also ONLY have one training hosted at a time, and we will allow a pre-signup for a future date, other than the current one. You have to email us at danceagogo @ gmail.com in order to sign up for any future trainings unlisted on our website.

4. your registration is designated to our current training date only based on your application date, unless notified otherwise in writing.