Work your fitness like a Pop Star!

The Only Dance Fitness Made for The Pop Star in You

Dance a GoGo focuses on bridging the gap of Pop Culture and women's dance fitness in a non-stop cardio way that is completely choreographed much like a cardio class but much more -- in that it is Current, not a folk dance based class or a aerobic dance class. It's New, it's Fun, and it Works.

Our current success in teaching live class formats originally aiming at women between the age of 25-45 and it has now increased up to 75yr women. It's astounding and we feel privileged that our program has the ability to connect to a wide audience in a wide age range. As said, we don't say "No" to anyone taking the class, but it is our job to inform and educate about our goals, so students do not ever feel misled about a class.

Our DVDs currently distributes worldwide, and our Live class only officially started in Los Angeles in 2013. It's the Latest in the world of Dance Fitness. Please check out our flashmob video from last week This is what we're contributing to our community through dance, life and fitness.

The master instructors of Dance a GoGo are professional Dancers working in Hollywood and Music Industries creating choreography and teaching them both instructors as well as students, and there are various of levels to adapt to, from advanced to absolutely beginners. Each one of us dances to achieve our fitness and lifestyle goal being a woman that loves to move and live.

Our programe is constantly updated to follow the lastest trend in Pop Culture. We stay diverse and Pop culture conscious. There's currently zero competition to our program, and we're very excited to be the ones to bring mainstream culture to a class environment for everyday person.