Work your fitness like a Pop Star!


Don't just be an intern. Use this learning opportunity to make a difference and be apart of something exciting and new.

Dance a GoGo has multiple positions where you can gain experience using you talents within a second generation womens dance fitness and production company.

Dance a GoGo has a DVD series allready produced and distributed throughout the world. Now in the second iteration of the companies long term goals is looking to expand one woman's vision onto the streets and homes of LA and throughout the U.S.

With us interns will have the added benefit of watching an established idea come to life as a business nearly from the ground floor up.

This is an exciting oppurtunity to not only accrue some experience in the specific things that excite you but be part of something that promotes a healthy way of living while learning how to one day create and run you own business from the ground up.

We encourage you to apply if this is something that you have a passion for even if your skill set does not match the positions below.

We are accepting candidates with GPA'S below 3.5 with a compelling reason why you can be expected to show initiative, and where you fit within a creative team space.

Please contact for more info. D A N C E A G O G O @ GMAIL . C O M