Work your fitness like a Pop Star!

| Dance a GoGo in a Nut Shell

Dance a GoGo
is a Girl Power Dance Program making
every woman the Pop Star with a Fit Body.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between Pop Culture and everyday women's lives, giving them a platform living out the fantasy of a Diva through Music and Dance and become culturally relatable, trend aware and body conscious. It is a new wholesome way of feminine expressions and a fashionable way of life style.

Rock your Fitness like a Pop Star.
Dance a GoGo, made for Hottie in YOU.


Dance a GoGo is a vision based on Girl Power through Dance and Music. It's a platform for retired dancers to continue living their dream, for working dancers to work their fitness, for non-dancers to have a piece of that entertainment dream. It is for everyone w/a sense of Cultural Revolution thru female empowerment of all ages. It is a program of all dance styles and with one single pointed focus - Pop Culture. No one gets left behind due to age, no one gets missed out due to lack of abilities. Everything and anything can be trained, and Dance a GoGo's mission is to empower those who teach and those who learn. It's a movement and a celebration for individual achievements. We make the instructors stars, our success breeds theirs and their success breeds ours. It's system that benefits everyone, and our Star instructors, we call them Hotties, they're role models that represents American Beauty in health and fitness through Dance bridging the gap between Pop Culture and everyday people.

| Lifestyle Branding and Live Classes

Dance a GoGo is a lifestyle, a vision to be built and expand on and a team to be developed ongoingly. Our program has been demostrated in the national athletic gyms such as Equinox and Spectrum Athletic Gym w/ great success, and our DVD program is aired through Cable TV being the #1 content in their fitness channel as well as currently being distributed through Columbia by Japan all over retail both online and offline. We have a YouTube channel and it is to be developed in full gear for the remaining year of 2013, and we have community related events like flashmob being planned periodically as well as entertainment events w/ music industry tie-ins w/ choreographers as well.

| Hotties, Role Models of American Beauty

Hotties is a program is the brandchild of Dance a GoGo, where each Hottie is not only a fitness professional, a trained dancer as well as a great advocate for Girl Power. Each Hottie represents the authentic sense of American Beauty, where class, beauty and positivity in their persona are the driving force for what makes them the Role Model of today. Hotties bring back what once used to be the standard of Female Beauty, and once what society considers the IT girl in their communities. Hotties are promoted through YouTube Channel, Blogs, Facebook, and multiple media platforms through Dance a GoGo, where each Hottie writes, speaks, dances and teaches, and is a leader and entrepreneur of their own and in their own right representing their own flavor of Hotness. The ultimate goal is creating a social movement to better the planet by inspiring every woman and girl to become a Star in their own right through Dance, Fitness, Health and Diet, in an overallfashionable way of living.

Hotties are the the Role Models of American Beauty, an all around wholesome Hottie, that speaks Positivity, Femininity and Empowerment; they're the soldiers of a new generation that re-define Beauty, Sex and Power for the betterment of mankind internationally.