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DANCE a GoGo Pre - Certification Practical Training Workshop

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DANCE a GoGo Certification Workshop Review and Examinations

- Upcoming Certifications -


8/9 - Sunday - Savannah Cheer- Savannah, GA [ USA ]

//// Master Instructor : Bryan Smith

8/10 - Sunday - DaGG Studio Collective - Los Angeles, CA [ USA ]

//// Master Instructor : Nicola Webb

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- Past Certifications -

- 2014 -

7/6 - Sunday - DaGG Studio Collective - Los Angeles, CA [ USA ]

6/1 - Sunday - Plaza De La Raza - Los Angeles, CA [ USA ]

4/27 - Sunday - Back to Basics Fitness Studio - Glendale, CA [ USA ]

2/6 - Thursday - Mimoda Dance Studio - Beverly Hills, CA [ USA ]

3/29 - Saturday - Elite Dance Fitness Studio - Los Angeles, CA [ USA ]

- 2013 -

8/31 - Saturday - Spectrum Atheletic Club - Palisades, CA [ USA ]

9/28 - Saturday - Los Angeles Dance Fitness Club - Los Angeles, CA [ USA ]


This is an exciting opportunity we're extending out to you for the training of our program and as a platform to have you connected with our Girl Power Community. Our program is driven by Pop Culture and motivated by Feminine Beauty through Dance. As you go through our training manual, you'll learn all the practical skills and the fitness knowledge you'll need as an instructor. We aspire to train every instructor to be a success of their own, and every student to feel like a Pop Star working their Fitness through every extensively trained Dance a GoGo instructor.

Please give yourself at least 2 weeks to study our manuals to get familiar and go through our training videos learning our Standards, as they're all part of your exams on the cert day. And if you have no dance experience or very little of, please be sure to start taking dance classes at your own time prior the Workshop to help yourself to be up to speed in order to pass the exam.

If you succeed in your exams, your certificate and a letter of approval will be mailed out to you. You will be able to start teaching at any facility you desire and you'll have our community and media support to help you succeed in launching your entrepreneurship in the Dance Fitness industry. If you do not pass the exams, you'll be entitled to a re-test in our next round of workshop review, which usually happens in a matter of months and it would give you plenty of time to study and improve on your failings.

Thank you for joining our team and participate in our Social Movement on Girl Power through Dance. This is a cultural mission we believe in to better the world for everyone involved. Let's Dance and Share the Joy worldwide.

| Workshop Review

On the Workshop Certification Review and Exam day, workshop Review is time slot where the trainers go through your manual with you on bullet points to illustrate the importance on Teaching Techniques, Etiquettes, Fitness Theory and many important factors on what you have already studied prior the Workshop day. And this includes live demos on what the examples stand for and how to apply the theories, and it also allows you to ask questions on points needs more illustration and explanations. This also includes our Standards Review, meaning all the dances you'll learn from the training videos will now be taught live to you to demonstrate the moves and show you how they're taught, que-ed and led as an instructor. This process will prepare you to do the same later on as you are evaluated in both of the individual and physical exam teaching the routines live to your group.

+ Instructor's Manual Review

This is where we spend one hour of the training day to go over everything in the manual in bullet points as well as elaborating more practical factors that you can use for teaching a class. Also, this is where we share our industry knowledge on how to better prepare yourself in the career of group fitness in terms of your knowledge and staying power for marketibility.

+ Practical Training

The 3 practical principles we evluate an instructor on her abilities to teach a successful class are :

1. Intensity Modifications :

- Low : Basic Movement

- Medium : Range of Motion

- High : Movement Dynamics.

Knowing how to create multiple level of difficulties based on one movement to satisfy the diversity of students' fitness levels in one class.

2. Layering Technique :

- From footwork to arm movements.

Knowing how to break down a movement in a non-stop follow along format to instruct a dance move that satisfies the objective of a cardiovascular workout as well as an easy to learn and digestible format for students of all levels.

3. Choreography Modifications :

- Creativitivity and Dynamics

Knowing how to creatively modifying the moves to cater to the different skill levels of students, from beginner to advanced students, from non-dancers to working dancers. The ability of knowing how to simplifying a move as well as making a move more complex as you're performing and instructing it in a follow along format is what makes an instructor successful knowing how to engage all levels of students both creatively and fitness wise to keep them coming back feeling motivated and encouraged.

+ Practial Demostrations

1. Body Toning Demostrations

Participants will be expected to perform an exercise that is for either body toning or strengthening as well as an exercise that is for stretching or cool down.

- Showing one toning/strengthening move, then showing one stretch/cool down move.

2. Intensity Demostrations

Participants will be expected to demostrate an exercise to showcase 3 different levels of intensity.

- Taking from low to medium to high.

3. Choreography and Layering Demostrations

Participatns will be be expected to demostrante one DaGG move of their own selection to showcase the Layering Technique leading up to Choreography Modifications.

- Taking from footwork, to arm movements, to full range of motions for Dynamics Evaluation, then to creativie modification for Chorography Modfications.

| Examinations

+ Presentation Exam :

This starts with Individual Presentation exam, and this is where you’ll demonstrate the professional knowledge as a Fitness instructor on how you conduct a class, the necessary announcements, the safety concerns, and how your prepare the mental and physical well beings of your students.

+ Physical Exam :

Then during your physical exam, you’ll demonstrate 2 standards from our training videos teaching them front to back, que-ing, demonstrating, working your students to bring up their heart rate and learning how to lead a group of students through a follow along style of Cardio Choreography Teaching Technique.

+ Choreography Exam :

Then, you’ll also demonstrate an entire routine on your own incorporating at least 2 dance moves you have learned from DaGG standards along with dance moves of your own to make up a new choreography for the duration of an entire song.

+ Written Exam :

Finally, we have a written exam, where it consists of 50 questions w/ multiple choices, and you’ll have to get 45 questions correct in order to pass the test. Every question listed is all knowledge included in your traiing manual, which you’ll study prior the Workshop Review and Exam day.

Please contact for more info. D A N C E A G O G O @ GMAIL . C O M